Florida MGMA 2021 Conference Presentations

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RITZ-CARLTON: Excellence in Healthcare | Building Success from Within - Douglas Piil

RITZ-CARLTON: Brand Differentiating Service | Delivering an Elevated Experience - Douglas Piil

Performance Evaluations, How and When to Discipline and Terminate
– Meredith Hirsh, MBA, CMPE

What To Do When The Feds Come Knocking, Practical Advice for Navigating Modern
Healthcare Fraud Investigations in 2020
– David Weinstein and Bill Horton

Strategic Planning for Practice Administrators – Maddox Casey, CPA

Taking Control of Your Practice’s Online Presence – Cameron Cox, III, MHA, FACMPE

The New Era of the War on Opioids – David Weinstein and Bill Horton

Presenting Financial Information to Physicians – Maddox Casey, CPA

Can I Stay Independent, Yes Make It Happen – Cameron Cox, III, MHA, FACMPE

5 Key Business Challenges Practices Face… and How You Can Address Them – Jay Hutto, CPA

What Is Your Culture Club – Cameron Cox, III, MHA, FACMPE

The 10¢ Decision®: How Small Change Pays Off Big – Laurie Guest, CSP

Are They Hearing What You Said – or Something Completely Different? – Brad Raney

OSHA COVID-19 Emergency Temporary Standard for Healthcare Workplace Settings - FMA