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Florida MGMA is a professional association providing information, networking and development for the medical group practice administrators in the state of Florida.



An informal gathering of clinic administrators in the early 1960's proved to be a valuable avenue for information exchange. In 1974, the Florida Medical Group Management Association (FMGMA) was formed by this small group of Florida administrators who were active in the National Medical Group Management Association. "The founding members of Florida MGMA", stated Ronald Bare, FACMPE, a charter member, "hoped to create a state organization that provided administrators the opportunity to network with one another and share experiences, problems and solutions. It was also a goal of the founding members to provide educational opportunities for the members of Florida MGMA."

The earliest existing recorded minutes of the new Association are dated May 22, 1976, when administrators from 25 Florida clinics met in Vero Beach. It was announced that the membership was 65 and continued growth has verified the  benefits of this organization.  The Florida MGMA now has over 500 in total membership.  Our goal is to provide education to our membership and to work together to create a more profitable environment for medicine in the state of Florida.

Mission Statement

The Mission of FMGMA is to improve the effectiveness of medical group practices in Florida and the skills of the individuals who manage or lead them.

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Florida MGMA Annual Conference

April 23-25, 2014
Hyatt Regency Grand Cypress


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